About Me

I am HOPE, and like so many others I am a child of God, daughter, sister, mother, and wife. My lifestyle is normal and in a lot of ways my life is probably very similar to yours in one way or another. My family is blended and consist of a nucleus of 5 kids. I work a 9-5 job, enjoy being home on my patio, and spending time with family. Pretty normal right?

As a sufferer of Anxiety and parent of a daughter that battles mental illness, I too know the abrasion that it can have on all those involved. I know I was called to advocate, to raise awareness to mental health illnesses. Through my own personal experiences, I aspire to Dispute what you thought mental illness looked like and Inspire you to get informed so that the conversation of mental illness can be normalized. Therefore, ending the stigma associated with mental illness.

Hope Is Wellness was founded to provide continued advocacy on behalf of the overwhelming number of women, men, children, and those who support someone with mental illness. Mental Health illnesses are far reaching issues of critical importance to millions of people of any age, any race, any gender, and any economic or social status.

I was once told that: “It wasn’t a coincidence that my mom gave me the name Hope, God directed that because of the assignment that would be placed on my life.” -Lolitha

It took me at my weakest moment to finally use my name (HOPE) that was given to me as my identity. It took Hope be the light that shined in a dark place. I am Hope and I am here to give Hope.