Hope…a feeling of expectation; Wellness…the state of being in good health.


I aspire to bring a new voice to mental health issues through real life narratives and to destroy the STIGMA associated with mental illness and receiving mental health services.

First thing first, in no way shape, form, or fashion am I a writer nor am I trained in Mental Health. I’m a child of God, wife, daughter, sister, fur mommy and most importantly a mother of a child that’s battling depression while trying to manage my own anxiety illness.

I love home decorating, DIY restoration and I have a longtime passion for Pit bulls. I am a Medical Coder by trade so although I’m not a professional in mental health I know how to bill like one LOL!! I’ve been married for almost 13yrs to my husband Lanier an awesome, mostly difficult guy. We have a BLENDED family that consists of 4 girls, 1 boy & a dog and trust me we have some very different personalities. One is needy, one is rebellious, one is mean, one is nonchalant, and the other (the boy) is just cool and it’s never a dull moment.

I believe that God has placed a purpose on my life to be transparent with what my family is experiencing in regards to Mental Illness. I know that all too often mental illnesses are kept private among loved ones. I too thought it wasn’t as serious of an issue until it hit my home. I too have and sometimes still feel it’s embarrassing. The STIGMA that is placed on mental illness has to be stopped in order for people to feel free to say something and get help. I hope that my story or shall I say journey can help someone else. I hope that by speaking out it will lead to others expressing their challenges with mental illness and/or caring for a loved one suffering with any type of mental illness.

– Hope

The Cactus my favorite flower for so many reasons… What do we know about the Cactus? It’s green, they grow in the desert, they have needles & etc. In all of God’s creations there’s a lesson and some deeper explanation of its purpose that we can apply to our lives. In one of the harshest climates the cactus is able to grow, when it rains the cactus is able to use its adaptations like fleshly parts to store to water, and they have spines to help prevent water loss by reducing air flow and providing shade. Their spines, are also used as a defense against herbivores. All of those things resonates with me. We should be like the cactus, in the hardest environments, situations, and positions we should use what God has given us to THRIVE and STORE and PROTECT ourselves. We cant be so quick to say (if we were the cactus)…it’s hot out here, this ground is too dry, I hate my color, no one likes me, I’m not good for nothing etc. We should think it’s hot but I can still grow, when the rain water comes I’ll be storing it, when the predictor comes I’m protected. The bible says that FAITH comes by hearing and hearing by the word of GOD. So let us be hearers and doers of GOD’s word so that in the end we can grow beautiful flowers in the hardest of places just as the CACTUS.