My Truth…

As I sit here with so much anxiety at the thought of typing/writing/speaking my truth I know it has to be done. If exposing my truth and experiences can help one person I’ve done what I’ve been called to do. I know that a lot of times God gives us the hardest task, the things that stretch us and make us uncomfortable to do. But, I know that my task is not just about ME, it’s about helping others as well. So here goes…my daughter is battling depression and I suffer with anxiety… WHEW I SAID IT!!!!! Mental illness is REAL! Not that I didn’t believe it before but when I say it’s REAL its REALLY REAL. This year 2019 has been the by far one of the hardest years of my life. Never did I ever believe I would be here dealing with this.

Through this blog I aspire to give real life situations in caring for someone with Depression while dealing with my own Anxiety issues. No two situations are the same but I do believe that sharing my experiences will lead to someone else possibly recognizing signs or symptoms of depression and anxiety in a loved one, friend, coworker etc. Trust me I didn’t just catch the signs and symptoms of depression in Jaime and proceeded to get her help no no no…. I missed all the signs, I blew a lot of signs off to her just being a typical teenager. I just thank GOD that at the point when it got to be too much for her she cried out vs. doing something more drastic like harming herself, someone else or suicide.

Now looking at the signs that I’ve now identified Jaime as having were some of the typical signs of a normal teenager or so I thought. Teenagers sleep all day and stay up all night, they eat funny depending on how their schedule is, and those GIRLS OMG they carry constant attitudes. And, although I have zero tolerance for attitudes I could still see where she was more moody than usual. Jaime and I talked on a regular basis and because she was still making great grades and holding a job I thought she was fine. I later learned that her being able to balance school and 24hrs a week at work was a way for her to not cope or deal with the emotions she was having and that later lead to a break down.

Signs to be aware of:

  • Changes in sleep (Jaime would stay up all night)
  • Changes in appetite (eating habits became less)
  • Lack of concentration (lost focus in school)
  • Loss of energy (stayed in bed a lot)
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Hopelessness or guilty thoughts
  • Changes in movement (less activity or agitation) (highly irritable)
  • Physical aches and pains (stomach upset & body aches)
  • Suicidal thoughts (YES, these thoughts. If she had not gotten help I would’ve never known)

Y ‘all I’m by far no writer, nor specialist in mental health, I’m just a real person/mother living through a real situation where as my journey may be able to help someone else. What I’ve shared is just the beginning of my story and I’ll take you all through it all week by week. I’ll also be sharing struggles with anxiety and how I manage it. So, stay tuned in and subscribe, feel free to leave comments, advice, encouragement, ask questions or whatever (no negative vibes please). We’re all in this together lets be “Iron Sharpening Iron” lets “Glean in one another fields” .

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