Who Rescued Who

Meet Roe!

We ❤️ our Roe. And we 💗 everything he has bought into our lives. Who would’ve known that when we rescued Roe he would’ve been rescuing us. Roe was adopted from Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, La. He was adopted at the estimated age of 1yr 5m with an original name of Roosevelt. Roe has recently celebrated his 2nd birthday with an awesome party. As you can see from the photo he has a ton of personality, he’s lazy, and super spoiled.

The Pet Effect

Living with a pet has many benefits. There’s constant companionship, love and affection among other things. I’ve found that having a dog has helped tremendously with my anxiety. Whenever I’m experiencing high anxiety, going on walks with Roe helps me calm down and focus. Sometimes having an animal around to touch is so calming.

We rescued Roe and he has rescued us. I’ve noticed that with Jaime, she needs him just as much as he needs her. He’s always attentive to her moods. If she’s down he initiates play or he’ll go in her room and just lay with her.

Specifically, pets and therapy animals can help alleviate stressanxietydepression, and feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Interactions with animals can help people manage their long-term mental health conditions. A 2016 study explored the role of pets in the social networks of people managing a long-term mental health problem and found that pets provide a sense of security and routine that provided emotional and social support.  Studies have also shown that pets are facilitators of getting to know people, friendship formation and social support networks.